After about a week of head scratching and furtive fiddling we’re pleased to annouce She Went Of Her Own Accord.

You’re standing in it.


Here you can read (and contribute to) a collection of ‘jamaica jokes‘. The most famous, of course, is this one.

My wife’s gone to the Caribbean.


No, she went of her own accord.

But there are a gazillion more out there (on the internets and in your heads). There are as many Jamaica jokes as there are place-names with bad puns. We look forward to chortling along with you as the collection gradually builds.

You might be looking for a joke about a particular place, in which case this map might be helpful. Since they’re tagged, if you’ve always wanted to find jokes (in the form of a three line joke which has a pun on a place in the middle) about, say, music, then you’re in luck.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, no doubt you’ll want to add your own jokes too. If you’ve got an idea or suggestion for the site feel free to post it as a reply here or use the comment box in the sidebar. More info here.

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