Our first interview

July 10th, 2008

Last weekend Roo and I were at the Open Tech 2008 conference. Whilst there, we were browsing the O’Reilly book stall and got chatting with Craig Smith of O’Reilly GMT.

In one of those bizarre internet-based coincidences, he recognised us as the guys behind this site. Slightly taken aback that someone outside our circle of friends knew about this site, we were happy to give a quick interview about all things shewentofherownaccord.com.

You can find the full piece on the O’ReillyGMT blog here.

shewentofherownaccord.com – Roo Reynolds and Nick O’Leary from oreillygmt on Vimeo.

One Week Later

June 13th, 2008

It was exactly one week ago that we revealed She Went Of Her Own Accord to the public. At that point, Nick and I had scraped together just 24 jokes between us. Since the doors have been opened the map has already been filling up, with the current tally standing at an impressive 142 jokes. Many, many thanks to everyone who has slavied away over a hot map and posted brilliant jokes for us all to enjoy.

Since last week, Nick has put in a bunch of usability enhancements. The ‘Add‘ form is significantly better and news now has its own category (you’re reading an example of a news post). We’re hoping to bring a few more improvements soon. A few highlights from our extensive TODO list.

  • KML feed to act as a Google Earth layer. Update: still working on a KML feed, but the RSS feed now includes GeoRSS, so can be used in Google Maps and (in theory) Google Earth).
  • ‘People’ and ‘Thing’ jokes (same format, but for more than places)
  • ‘FAIL’ category (learn from others mistakes)
  • Expose voting results (list by most/least popular, most/least voted…)
  • Community tagging (add tags to any joke) Update: done
  • Investigate OpenID (so you can fix your own posts and track your jokes’ popularity)
  • Output full feeds rather than just the first line (also, use source name in the field rather than ‘robot’). Update: done.

Of course, let us know what you’d like to see changed and fixed around here. One thing that’s on our minds is the credit used for the joke source. People can currently provide a URL (which becomes a link), a Twitter name (starting with @, and becomes a link to their Twitter page), or any other text. It would be nice to at least give people the same level self-disclosure they enjoy when adding a comment (name, email, optional URL). What do you think?


June 6th, 2008

After about a week of head scratching and furtive fiddling we’re pleased to annouce She Went Of Her Own Accord.

You’re standing in it.


Here you can read (and contribute to) a collection of ‘jamaica jokes‘. The most famous, of course, is this one.

My wife’s gone to the Caribbean.


No, she went of her own accord.

But there are a gazillion more out there (on the internets and in your heads). There are as many Jamaica jokes as there are place-names with bad puns. We look forward to chortling along with you as the collection gradually builds.

You might be looking for a joke about a particular place, in which case this map might be helpful. Since they’re tagged, if you’ve always wanted to find jokes (in the form of a three line joke which has a pun on a place in the middle) about, say, music, then you’re in luck.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, no doubt you’ll want to add your own jokes too. If you’ve got an idea or suggestion for the site feel free to post it as a reply here or use the comment box in the sidebar. More info here.