My wife witnessed a terrible murder at a rap star's wedding in Ayrshire last week.
West Kilbride?
No, Tinie Tempah shot the best man.

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3 Responses to “My wife witnessed a terrible murder at a rap star’s wedding in Ayrshire last week.”

  1. Fernando Says:

    to drama to diko sas , gamw to gkomeno sas!! xaxa (pali me pirokise i mousa).. eftixes pou me ta post sou mas anoigis neous orizontes.. kallitexnikous panta!

  2. Lilmislovely Says:

    Having grown up with craig in southampton from Day, i’m gonna tell it sartight.All the comments above have meritt .both good and bad.Craig has more talent than anybody to come from the UK urban sence, but what people don’t realise is he poineered and gave allot of people the chance they have now.Before craig thier was nothing import after import from the us.since craig the uk sence has more confidence and the music industry itself has more confidence in urban black artist more so now than ever.The problem craig has faced is nobody expected him so didn’t know how to manage his talent.To prove it all his best work came before he signed any record label and was writing from his flat in holyrood estate selling allsorts(no drugs) to make ends meet.This was pure uncorrupted craig at his best.i agree since then he has tried different things on his albums because thier was no road laid out for him he has made it and others have followed and expanded on what he started.i think what the haters out thier would of loved is to see craig trade talent with our brothers across the pond.This is where real credabillity is made and rightfully so as they have produced the best black music we all grew up on.Anyhow im tierd,gonna catch some zzzzzzzz sorry for many spelling mistakes hope the message was understood.Keep it real

  3. Krishana Says:

    Am Ugandan but i do not think we have any Cuban Embassy where i can easily get aptalcipion forms from.So what can i really do my parents are to poor to afford my tuition fee please help me.

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