Did you hear about the Egyptian who couldn't accept responsibility when he foolishly fell out of a boat?
No. What was wrong with him?
Apparently he was in denial.

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6 Responses to “Did you hear about the Egyptian who couldn’t accept responsibility when he foolishly fell out of a boat?”

  1. Nick Says:

    Close, but not quite. “No. What was wrong with him” should be a pun on a place.

  2. Andy S-C Says:

    similar in genre to the insane Parisian though – clearly there is demand for support for this sub-genre even if the purists don’t like it

  3. roo Says:

    Pah! The place is the pun, but you’re clearly no respecter of form Andy! A purist would have put “denial” as the second line.

  4. joechacko Says:

    I am chastened by your clarification. It would have been much simpler, too.
    - Did you hear about the Egyptian who fell out of a boat?
    - In the Nile?
    - No, he skipped from shock straight to anger.

    However, I do feel the FAQ needs revising for clarity. The following answer fails to indicate that the ‘crux’ needs to be the middle line.

    Q: Does the middle line always have to be a place?

    A: The crux of the joke (the ‘Jamaica’) is usually, but not always a place. For now, we collect jokes in which the Jamaica is a place, but maybe one day we’ll also collect similar jokes in which the ‘Jamaica’ is a person or even a thing.

  5. roo Says:

    Good point Joe. (And I love the revised punchline in your comment. I’d been trying to think of something to give as an example and was failing miserably). If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you to to post that revised version as a new joke, and we’ll move this one to the trophy cabinet.

    I’ll tweak the FAQ too. Thanks for pointing that out.

  6. @joechacko Says:

    Your wish is my command: http://shewentofherownaccord.com/joke/86

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