I hear there was a fire in Lancashire earlier this week.
No, you racist, the offender was Caucasian.

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  1. Sebastian Says:

    I’ve no Preston-related input, unfortunately, but was at your Bristol show tgnhoit and feel the need to gush over how much I enjoyed it. Clearly, my regular presence here shows I’m shows I’m a fan, but I so was impressed surprised, even by how bloody good you are live. That sounds like quite the backhanded compliment, but all I mean is that despite years of Radio 4/Mock The Week/Live At The Apollo-based appreciation, I thought I knew what I was getting and wasn’t expecting to be so completely blown away.Your interaction with the audience, the computer bit at the beginning attention to detail, essentially made the whole show seem so effortless and special. Whether or not it’s the reality, I love how it felt as though that gig could never be recreated, as though each tour date is different rather than a mere formulaic reeling off of material, repeated night after night. At the risk of reaching nauseating levels of flattery, I also love that the whole thing culminated in a message of optimism, in keeping with Eleven’ and, obviously, this blog. I sound like a reviewer now, but yeah I’d recommend it to anyone: as well as hilarious, it was dynamic, thoughtful and inspiring. From what I gathered from people seated around me, the rest of the audience seemed to agree. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, especially after the dissatisfaction you’ve expressed over the Birmingham gig. I also hope this means you don’t let negative feedback get you down too much, because as much as humour is subjective (though anyone who doesn’t think you’re funny is definitely wrong) no one could ever accuse you of a lack of preparation or in any way ripping people off! As you acknowledged yourself, if words per minute are anything to go by, you should probably charge double what someone like Andy Parsons does.It was lovely to briefly meet you afterwards. I was too shy to say anything witty or stirring (or anything at all, really) but I was touched that you waited around to sign books and pose for endless photos, particularly when Holly (the Girl From The Fringe Book Launch) and I (her Overwhelmed Mute Friend) were right at the back of the queue and you were probably desperate to get home. I had a lovely night and left feeling motivated to be happier, kinder, and to sign that YouTube guy up to all kinds of maddening spam.I suppose I could’ve summarized all this in saying I agree with Aislinn.

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