A growing collection of jokes in the following form:

My wife’s gone to the Caribbean.


No, she went of her own accord.

Jamaica jokes are essentially puns, but their structure and form provide the sort of constraints which makes the Haiku more interesting than prose.


Q: Does the middle line always have to be a place?

A: The crux of the joke (the ‘Jamaica’) is usually, but not always a place. For now, we collect jokes in which the Jamaica is a place, but maybe one day we’ll also collect similar jokes in which the ‘Jamaica’ is a person or even a thing.

Q: I just made one up. I want to add my own!
A: Of course. We’d love to see it. Add your own Place joke here.

Q: What’s all this voting about?
A: Just because someone finds a joke funny, others might not. Sure, you could add a comment, but why do that when you can register your approval (or distaste) with a single click? We don’t do much with the votes yet – but soon, oh yes, soon. Just you wait.

Q: Since you accept user submissions, will you ever remove any jokes?
A: Maybe. If they are totally miss the point and are obviously not in keeping with being a ‘Jamaica’ joke, then we might. If they are voted through the floor and everyone clearly hates it, then we might quietly remove it. Or we might put them in a special trophy cabinet so everyone else can learn from your mistakes.

Q: How can I get in touch with you?
Either use the form in the sidebar or email us at blog@shewentofherownaccord.com with any thoughts, suggestions or ideas.

Q: Email – how old school!
We’ll overlook the fact that isn’t a question. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Q: I contributed, but I got it wrong…
We have plans to make the contribution system more fool-proof. For now, leave a comment and we can dip into the joke and fix up any minor issues.